Paua Homebase (Y4-6)  - Kahawai Homebase (Y4-6) - Mako Homebase (Y7/8) -  

The students in Tangaroa are Year 4 - 8. They work across all four learning spaces. 

Wonderful learning in our Catholic community”

This description of learning as being ‘wonderful’ encompasses three elements. It is intended to denote quality, suggest a sense of awe as students are exposed to new experiences and knowledge and, finally, as a reminder that learning arises out of wondering – the posing of thoughtful, deep questions. A Catholic community is one in which the values of the Gospel are named, recognised and practised.


We focus on our key competences:

Respectful (Relating to others)

St Peter’s learners follow the example of St Peter in relating respectively to God, self, others and the environment.

Like St Peter, I:

  • Can forgive (self and others)
  • Recognise and celebrate similarities and differences
  • Honour the practices of our faith
  • Can be a guardian of the environment

Positive and Collaborative (Participating and contributing)

St Peter’s learners will follow the example of St Paul by being actively involved in our catholic community – (family/whanau, class, school, parish, city, NZ, world). Through a sense of belonging, and a confidence to continually identify and make change through collaboration, the future becomes a better place for all.

Like St Paul, I:

  • Connect with others
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Balance rights, roles and responsibilities
  • Work effectively with others

Open minded and compassionate (Thinking) (Relating to others)

St Peter’s learners follow the example of Mary who, through her selflessness and faith, accepted the word of God even though it tested her beliefs. Our students will celebrate new beginnings and embrace change and challenges. Like Mary they will exhibit humility.

Like Mary, I:

  • Accept the word of God
  • Listen actively
  • Am open to new learning
  • Know when it is appropriate to compete
  • Negotiate
  • Show empathy to others

Curious and Creative (Thinking) (Using language, symbols and texts)

St Peter’s learners will follow the example of Jesus who exposed people to challenging ideas and expected them to identify the relevance and to change behaviours accordingly. We will explore ideas and relate these to personal ideas, experiences and needs. Jesus welcomed questions and, out of these, created problem-solving settings through story. (Using the parables.)

Like Jesus, I:

  • Seek, use and create knowledge
  • Communicate information, ideas and experiences
  • Ask questions
  • Listen
  • Reflect

Resilient, Adaptable and Productive (Managing self)

St Peter’s learners will follow the example of the disciples who, when left after Jesus had ascended to heaven, used their simple gifts to manage themselves and others, to carry out difficult tasks in challenging circumstances.

Like the disciples, I:

  • Set and reflect on personal goals
  • Make plans
  • Manage tasks
  • Set high standards
  • Meet challenges